About Us

The Cylinder Testing Laboratory Association (CTLA) is an organisation set up to assist the (38) Cylinder Testing Laboratories to maintain a consistently high level of professionalism in an industry that is built on providing safety to cylinder owners.  The structure of the CTLA allows for communication with government bodies, regulators and industry groups. 

CTLA member test stations are IANZ accredited (International Accreditation New Zealand).  This means that you are able to have your cylinder tested knowing that all Laboratory management and quality assurance programs are audited by an independent outside accreditation body. 

CTLA members across the country are approved to test a wide selection of cylinder types ranging from Industrial to Domestic Gas Cylinders (heater and BBQ), LPG Industrial, Fire Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus, Dive Tanks and many more less common commercial cylinders. 

Many members provide other closely related services such as, Cabinet Heater Servicing, BBQ Servicing, and Cylinder Filling. 

By using a CTLA member to have your cylinder tested, you are receiving the benefits of over 30 years of industry involvement.  Any CTLA member has access to information and data from the resources held within the organisation’s heritage. 

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